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Jewellery repairs can help save precious pieces of jewellery. Here at Mobeus Jewellers we understand that certain pieces of jewellery are irreplaceable. Whether a ring is a heirloom, an engraved bracelet or your lucky earrings, we know that simply letting your treasured piece go is not an option.

This is why we have our very own jewellery repair and service centre in store. You can bring your broken jewellery and we  can repair your pieces with care and respect.

We have over 26 years of experience in the jewellery business so you can trust us to take care of your jewellery repairs. Over the years we have repaired and restored Mayoral chains and other valuable pieces of jewellery and collectable items.

Our expertise and experience means that yourjewellery repairscan be trusted with us, no matter the intrinsic value, age or style. We put quality and care of our customers jewellery first. We aim to give our customers the best service possible with their jewellery repairs.

Sometimes all a piece needs is a little loving care and we have delicate hands that can work magic!

Jewellery Repairs- Good As New

As well as jewellery repairs we can also fully refurbishclean and polish your pieces.We can get your older pieces of jewellery looking as good as the first day you bought it.

Any piece of jewellery can be refurbished. Whether it be necklacesearrings, bracelets or rings we can clean it within an hour for you.


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Hand Made Jewellery Designed by You Created by Us

Even though we specialise in jewellery repairs we also have a team of first class craftsman that can make bespoke shaped wedding bands. Have you ever wanted to your wedding ring to be completely unique to you?  Here at Mobeus Jewellers we can design and hand make your rings based on your own ideas. Or if you have a piece of gold that has sentimental value we can use it to remodel a new piece of jewellery for you.

Our creative designers are impressive. They can do pretty much anything, from designing, to castingpolishing and setting the stones. We also have a team of craftsmen that fully check and inspect all work that comes into the shop.

We are passionate about jewellery and set a very high standard. Why not stop by and talk to one of our designers about creating a unique ring that will have all of your friends envious.

Is Rhodium Plating Classed as a Jewellery Repair?

Do you have a piece of white gold jewellery that is looking faded and worn? We specialise in rhodium plating which can instantly change the appearance of your white gold jewellery and make it look as good as new.

What is Rhodium plating?

All white gold, whether cheap or expensive is plated with rhodium. In time the plating will fade and the true colour of the metal will be seen underneath. A dull gold colour will be visible and the piece will not be as sparkly as it was the day you bought it.

We can completely transform your old looking ring back to its former glory. It can be done the same day and our prices are excellent.

Bring your tired looking white gold to our repair centre and we will discuss rhodium plating with you.

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