Vulcan-IV-2-Ring-Rose-Gold-Platinum-Mark-LloydNamed after the god of fire, of volcanoes, metalworking and smithery, the Vulcan collection echoes the extremes of nature and the power of the goldsmiths’ hammer. Created with bare hands and tools, the Vulcan has a rugged, hammered texture.

Vulcan is part of the ML Collection, which was first developed when Mark was experimenting with ideas for his own wedding ring. He wanted to be able to design a unique piece, made by hand and symbolising raw strength and passion.

“Wedding rings in particular represent the importance of a relationship and the significance of the love between two people. Like a marriage, each ring is unique and meaningful: something to be treasured for many years to come. Originally launched as a wedding ring style for men, the ML Collection has also proved popular with women and as a distinctive dress ring for both.”  Mark Lloyd