Mark – Owner and founder of the business. creative director, master goldsmith and workshop manager. Mark has a super brain, capable of retaining incredible amounts of information all at once and performing lots of tasks at the same time.  (Mastermind)

Michelle – Wife of Mark.  Michelle is the shop manager as well as PA to Mark, PR guru and the person responsible for the marketing of the business. Michelle also runs the appointments system, meeting customers to discuss commissions, designs, remodelling and couples planning engagements and weddings. Michelle has the power to function with little or no sleep, doing all of the above as well as looking after a home (husband, two small children and a seventeen year old). Michelle also provides a taxi service and support to said seventeen year old’s extra curricular dance classes. (Super Woman)

Nick – Design Technician. Produces designs by hand as well as by CAD. Does engraving, design for marketing, stationery and photography.  Nick is an absolute perfectionist in everything he does and will often take longer to get it absolutely right! (The Idealist)

Elliot – Mark’s son. Currently working on the shop floor but looking to work in the workshop.  He will learn all areas of the business over time.  Elliot gained a degree in media studies based around camera work and video recording, previously doing this work for the business. The one member of the team to be blessed with the super ginger gene. (God like)

Ian – Mark’s brother. Ian looks after basic watch repairs, fits batteries, alters straps, fits new straps, inputs data, prices, stock and deals with post.  Ian also has a super power… he finds lost items.  We all go to Ian if we have lost something or are just unable to find something! (St Anthony… Ian)

Paula – Retail assistant.  Paula works in the shop, takes in repairs, and looks after the display cabinets.  Paula loves jewellery, loves her wonderful customers, loves her job and smiles non-stop!  Everybody loves Paula! (Lovely Lady)

Janice – Retail assistant. Janice also works in the shop, takes in repairs and takes care of the display cabinets.  Janice also loves jewellery, and makes the most amazing cakes! (Mrs Kipling)

Liz – Works in the shop, looks after the pricing of stock, works in the office, supports with the pricing structure of jewellery, looks after data, orders stock etc.  Liz worked for the previous owner of the shop for over 30 years.  Liz has a portrait in the attic of herself.  Liz has been in the shop all of these years and never aged. (AKA Dorian Gray)

Sue – Office Co-ordinator. Sue undertakes supervision of the shop floor staff and is a support to Mark and Michelle. She helps out in the shop and takes care of office duties, customer phone calls and keeps track of workshop jobs. Sue has the ability to know what we are all up to and to stay sane… most of the time. (The Fixer)

Max – Max is Michelle’s son. He works in the shop with Paula and keeps her entertained with funny stories, works alongside his big brother Elliot, when needed, and does jobs for Mark. (Saturday Boy)

*Max is a full time student at Stockton Riverside College studying L3 Musical Theatre (singing, dancing, acting). Watch out for this one!